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On gods and deities

The Watcher,

She is the Goddess of Day and Night. Her eyes so pure and her will so strong. She sees all that is or was, even the future hold no mysteries for her and her followers. Her true name is lost in the centuries. Now she holds many names, but she is mostly known as The Watcher.

Her followers are people who want to know how things are and came to be. Her visions are so strong that it would bring a man to insanity. She watches the world and how it turns and turns. She is the Goddess of fortune tellers, gambler and wizards. Not much is known about her. The Empire’s first recollection about this Goddess is only 471 years old. When the first frontier explorers came out of the Empire. She was worshipped by nomads, tribes and clans.

The priests were reluctant to accept this Deity. For the Pantheon was complete. However the power that the Priests of the Watcher used convinced them otherwise. She was real. She is real. And thus her wisdom was taken back to the Empire. It was not long after that that the first temples in her name rose up from the ground. The first high priests of the Watcher locked themselves up in some of these temples, to never sleep again. To see all.

Now she is fully integrated in contemporary religions. She stands for balance, luck, visions and the future. Her worshippers are people that seek the truth. People who seek wisdom.

Follow her, and you’ll see the Day And Night for what they really are. Steps in a never-ending circle of knowledge and facts. Follow her and you’ll know, the future is set, but how it is set remains a mystery. Unless you are willing to give up your own mind to know it all.

The Watcher,
She who Sees
She who never Sleeps
She who Seeks the Truth

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