Teaser Omen XXII

Een voorproefje voor wat je te wachten staat op Omen XXII.

Tot vrijdag kan je nog van de vroegboekkorting gebruik kan maken!

As he put the book down next to the multitude of flasks littered across the table, Seran noticed sounds from below. His latest subject was restless yet again. For a second he waited and listened. The sound of bending steel was oddly specific, but he did not hear it this time. The newly reinforced bars were doing the trick it seemed. He walked over to the shelves on the far side of the room and grabbed a red leather book. Unconsciously he ran his fingers over the magical pattern on the cover.  “It’ll work this time, I’m sure of it. I’m so close.”  Seran glanced at the shade in the corner, but there was no movement nor an answer.

Honestly though, he had no idea what he was missing. But it still wasn’t working. Well, not as he had wanted it to. The results had been phenomenal to say the least, but not intentional.

His subjects were getting stronger with each new batch, and he was close to the perfect mix. But he needed them to understand they were not ready yet.

“It’ll be ready to test in three days, and we’ll see definitive results in seven or eight.”

Seran was about to turn around when there was an answer from the corner.

“You have two days old man.  Then we’re taking them all, ready or not.”  Seran looked back at the shade contemplated saying something, but he just nodded instead. There was no point in fighting them. They were running out of time and they all knew it…